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    I met Gabrielle Roth and the dance in New York in 2007 and have been practicing the 5Rhythms ever since. I became a teacher in 2016 and offer classes in Santa Cruz where I now live.

“This practice has opened me up to more than I had imagined possible. I believe in the power of movement

with awareness as a portal to deep discovery, joy and creative freedom. For me It's an honor to hold space for others to explore, and discover for themselves what lies within the mystery of their being."  

~ Gabrielle Roth

    5Rhythms is a dynamic dance movement practice  created and cultivated over 40 years by Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012) and now practiced all over the world. There are no steps to learn, or particular choreography. Tuning in to the body’s sensations and moving from there with awareness. The practice is a dynamic way to both dance and meditate.


    The 5Ryhthms is a practice of being in our body that invites aliveness and awareness, inspires creativity, nurtures connection and  cultivates community.  An exploration with and of oneself, the other, one and of the group. An opportunity to release tensions, befriend our own energies and emotions, to build capacity and confidence. Explore the dynamics in relating, in play and sharing. It’s also a space to enjoy the freedom and

the simple pleasure of dancing!


    This practice is not aiming for any aesthetic or result and requires no special physical fitness or previous experience. Only an intention to step out into the moment and to give shape and movement to life flowing through us!




We practice to be whole and include it all. There is no mind, emotions and feelings without body, no body without breath and no breath without movement.


We dance to create space, flexibility and fluidity, to re-member and honor our feet, hips and spine, heart, hands and head.


We practice to return to our senses and re-learn how to be present fully the moment as it unfolds.


We practice to be rooted, centered, at home in our own skin; to trust our power and heart and respond from here


We dance to embrace our creativity and our intuition.


Some Info For Your Comfort:

  • Come dance in the comfortable clothes and barefoot or with clean and suitable dance shoes (no socks to prevent falls


  • Bring water and take care of your own body, needs and limitations. We ask no eating/chewing gum during the practice so as to prevent risks of choking.


  • Keep your eyes open enough for your own physical safety and that of others;


  • The space is talk free and turn your mobile phone back on after the practice so as to facilitate everyone’s focus


  • Emotions are welcome and their expression through movement is invited Know that everything that is alive has a dance, your only task is to find and express yours. 


  • When you dance with a partner, stay true to yourself and your dance - while being in connection with that person - and find the right distance for you.

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